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Getting started & General use

Turn the Cisor to Bluetooth (logo will flash Blue). On your device go to bluetooth settings and search. Select "Damson Cisor". It will not be paired and will automatically reconnect when you turn it on in the future. If you are connecting two Cisors for Wireless stereo, we suggest making a note of the serial number on the base of the parent Cisor, or putting a sticker on the base, so you know which is the main one in the future.
Turn the master speaker on and let it connect to the device. Then switch the second Cisor on Bluetooth. Double click the play/pause button quickly on the connected speaker. Wait between 30 - 60 seconds until there is an audible sound to announce both speakers are paired.
Turn Cisor to the Line in mode. Fit the cable into the Cisor and your device. Press play on yoru device.

care & maintenance

Turn the speaker to Bluetooth mode, and hold down the play/pause button for 5-10 seconds. You will hear an audible chime to indicate Cisor has been reset. We recommend removing any Damson Cisor in your devices settings after a reset as it will have wiped any data.
Cisor requires a USB-C cable (supplied, under the bottom of the insert in the box). *PLEASE NOTE* always use a wall socket to charge your Cisor.
We recommend regular cleaning of the silicon pad on the bottom. Clean with a damp cloth using warm water and a little none abrasive soap. Ensure the surface you are sticking to does not have any grains, bumps, dust, dirt etc as these will affect the stickiness of the pad.

System settings

Cisor does not have a speaker phone
The only button you will ever need to use on the Cisor is the play/pause button on the back of the unit. This is used for pairing two Cisors in stereo mode, or playing/pausing audio.
When charging the LED next to the charging port will be lit red. It will go out when fully charged.
Most modern smart devices will work if they have Bluetooth audio capability. If you using the cable, anything that will accept a 3.5mm cable


We recommend being creative, but ensure the surface you use is not solid as solid surfaces do not conduct sound. We recommend trying coffee tables, glass (use the mount if using a window), metals etc. Surface like marble, concrete, stone will not work.
With proper care your pad should be good for at least two years. If it is has been damaged please contact support who will handle this for you.
Firstly, please do not over turn. Do ensure you have lined up the threads correctly. The mount should turn easily into the Cisor. If you are experiencing problems please contact support.
We can sell you another USB-C cable, although these can be purchased from sites such as Amazon and eBay, or electronic stores.
Yes, our pricing is detailed in the warranty section. Please contact support if you wish to continue with an out of warranty repair.

Contact Us

If your question is not answered on this page or you have tried the initial advice provided and still require advice, please contact our friendly Customer Support Team for further assistance. We aim to respond within 3-5 working days, excluding weekends and National Holidays which may lead to responses taking a little longer, but we will get back to you.

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