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Getting started & General use

Connecting Devices Together

Turn on the HeadBones by pressing and holding the "call" button until you hear "Power on" and "Pairing". Release buttons & ensure Bluetooth is activated on your chosen device. Select "Damson HeadBones" on the device and wait a few seconds until connection is made
Always charge using a mains power supply, using a USB plug. We advise overnight charging, especially before first use. Ensure you charge when the "battery low" message is indicated.
When the battery is running down, you will hear "battery low" indicated when in use.
Firstly, ensure that the HeadBones are fully charged via the mains supply overnight. Place the HeadBones on your head before turning them on. Turn the Bluetooth on on your chosen device and put into pairing mode. Turn on the HeadBones and hold down the on/call button until you hear the messages "power on" and "pairing". Only release the button once you have heard the second message. You will then see "HeadBones" as an available device to connect t on your device

Please refer to the following guide: HTTPS://CDN.SHOPIFY.COM/S/FILES/1/0801/3311/FILES/HEADBONES_HOW_TO_GUIDE.PDF?2935070408619132450

First check that the volume on the device you are playing from is turned up. Check that the device is connected to the correct speaker in the Bluetooth settings. If you are still experiencing no audio please contact our support team.
Please contact our Damson support team for further assistance if this occurs
Fully discharge the battery and fully recharge them overnight via the mains supply at the wall. Once fully charged, try using them again to see if this has worked. Please contact Damson support if this doesn't work and they can provide further assistance
With your HeadBones there are in ear headphones included, which can be connected using the 3.5mm aux port.

Contact Us

If your question is not answered on this page or you have tried the initial advice provided and still require advice, please contact our friendly Customer Support Team for further assistance. We aim to respond within 3-5 working days, excluding weekends and National Holidays which may lead to responses taking a little longer, but we will get back to you.

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