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Getting started & General use

General Set up

Twist your Twist to BT until the logo flashes blue. In your device search "Damson Twist" select it and it will pair. You will hear a beep on the Twist.
No, only by cable. If you want Wireless stereo please check out Damson Cisor.
Approximately 2 hours.
You need to place Twist on a suitable surface, such a wooden coffee table, glass coffee, window (use the metal mount).

care & maintenance

System settings

Please use a micro usb cable (one is supplied) and a wall plug. Do not charge from a computer.


Please ensure that you are connected to the device you are trying to play from, and that the volume is turned up.
Please ensure that it has been charged from a wall plug. The LED next to the USB port will indicate red when charging.

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