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Download the "how to guide" here to help get set up

To pair your headbones please hold the call button down for at least 5 seconds until the LED blinks red/blue.



Wearable Sports headphones that sit in front of your ears allowing you to #HearEverything - music and your surroundings.

Designed for an energetic lifestyle Headbones are lightweight headphones that sit in front of your ears, not over or inside your ears. Leaving your ears free to hear everything around you whilst your using your head to listen to music. They are resistant to water, sweat and dust and being Bluetooth there are no cables to get tangled up. Handy controls allow you to increase/decrease the volume and skip forward/backwards on music tracks and a conveniently located call button allows you to easily answer incoming calls, or your voice activation to make handsfree calls. 

the piece de resistance is the clever, and unique, flexi-fit arms that allow you to mould the Headbones to perfectly fit your own head and ear shapes - because one size does not fit all. 


  • Keeps your ears open to hear everything around you and listen to music
  • Lets you use any 3.5mm headphones to shut yourself off when you need
  • Prevents hearing damage as it bypasses the most sensitive parts of your ear
  • Can aid in restoring sound lost through hearing damage  

Hear Everything 

Headbones was initially designed for sports activities, especially those sports activities where you wouldn't normally wear headphones because they block off your ears and stop you from hearing what is going on around you. If you run or cycle, you will appreciate that wearing headphones that block your ear canal stops you hearing pedestrians or traffic moving around you, unless you have the volume so low you can barely hear the music coming from them. 
Headbones counters this by not blocking your ear canal. Headbones sit in front of your ears, approximately 1cm in front of your tragus. The sound pads on the side of Headbones sit on your cheek bone, just above where you jaw bone connects to it. Then the sound is transmitted directly to your inner ear. The leaves your ear canal completely clear to still allow you to be situationally aware of what is going on around you. Making them ideal for: 
Running         Cycling         Gaming           Snowboarding
Skiing             Working        Driving             Working out
Golf                Walking        Gardening       Mountaineering 
If Headbones helps save the life of one person who is cycling or running, as a result of being able to hear the sound of a vehicle approaching them because they were fully aware of what was going on around them whilst still listening to music, then Headbones has done its job.  

Hear Nothing Else 

We knew that there would be times when you want the total isolation that allows you to shut yourself off from your surroundings. Maybe it's the part of your daily commute where you don't need to listen out for announcements, or you on a long haul flight. In these situations Headbones allows you to plug in any 3.5mm headphones (it comes with a pair in the box) and block off sound in the normal way of using headphones. 

Ideal For 

  • Any situation where you want to listen to high quality audio and hear your surroundings
  • It is legal to drive while wearing Headbones to listen to audio or make/receive calls as you are not blocking your ear canal.
  • Listening to commentary whilst being at the game and enjoying the atmosphere
  • Working in an office and still able to answer the phone/hear the boss call you
  • Protecting your hearing. Headbones bypasses your ears most sensitive parts
  • Those who are unable to wear or use traditional over or in ear headphones

What does the World Health Organisation say about headphones?

A recently published article released by WHO stated that listening to personal headphones at a reasonably high volume for an hour a day could lead to hearing loss, or tinnitus. It added that this could affect 1 billion people in the World today.
Once you lose your hearing, you can't get it back. Currently there are no medical treatments that reverse any hearing loss. Once it's gone, its gone. You can take steps to protect it by using Headbones, so you can safely listen to music and protect the most sensitive parts of your ears that are damaged due to exposure to loud volumes.
That is why the WHO recently launched the "make listening safe" initiative to publicise the effects of listening to music at loud volumes through headphones. Headbones can help protect your hearing at the same time as allowing you to listen to music at a volume you want to.
You can read the full article here 

Can Children Use Headbones Safely?

Yes. Children's ears are still developing and no medical expert recommends children having exposure to sound through headphones because it can damage their ears. Headbones doesn't damage ears meaning parents can let their children listen to sound through the Headbones, safe in the knowledge that they are not causing potentially long term damage to their children's hearing.
Parent child interaction will never be the same again; no more grunts or vacant glances - Their ears are open to hear everything

Handsfree, Ears Open Conversations 

Headbones will feature a built in microphone allowing you to make and take calls safely in your everyday life. Hold a conversation
on the phone at the same time as being able to observe your surroundings. It is perfectly legal to drive whilst wearing and using Headbones as they do not block your ear canals, meaning you are still aware of everything going on around you.
Additionally Headbones allows handsfree voice calling. A simple double tap on the call button brings up the voice dialling function of smart phones with this enabled allowing you to make a call simply by saying "call John Smith".

Ultimate Gaming Experience

Headbones use bluetooth technology to wirelessly stream the audio from the source device. They will revolutionise the way you play games. it is like cinematic surround sound that allows you to feel everything and are able to talk to your friends online at the same time.


No more wires and up to 8 hours of playback time, or 300 hours standby time before the need to recharge. A visual battery level will indicate the charge level of the battery on supported devices such as an iPhone. Audio prompts let you know what state Headbones is in, whether connected, out of range or running out of power. We have utilised Bluetooth Multipoint which allows you to connect two devices at the same time, like two phones, and Headbones will automatically connect to the right phone when a call comes in.

Water Resistant  

For those who intend to work up a sweat when using Headbones, we have made sure that Headbones will support water resistance up to IPX5 rating. Keep fit, listen to music and still be aware of what's going on around you.

Technical Specification  

    • Unique dual driver operation: Use bone conduction to hear everything or 3.5mm headphones to block external sound
    • Driver type: Incisor diffusion Technology – Bone Conduction driver
    • Driver type 2: 3.5mm line out for standard headphones or earbuds (pair supplied)
    • Bluetooth: Version 3
    • APT-X: For high quality audio playback and low latency video support
    • Bluetooth range: Up to 10 metres (line of sight)
    • Water resistant: Rated to IPX5 (heavy rain shower or heavy sweating)
    • Battery type: Built in Lithium Ion rechargeable via micro USB (cable supplied)
    • Battery size: 320mAh
    • Playback time: Up to 8 hours through bone conduction, or over 20 with 3.5mm headphones
    • Standby time: Up to 300 hours (12 days)
    • Built in microphone: For handsfree calls
    • Voice dial support: Double tap for Siri, Google Voice or Cortana voice support
    • Support two simultaneous connections: Yes
    • Auto switch for call answering: Yes
    • Frequency response: 50hz – 20,00hz
    • Cables: Micro USB for charging
    • Protective case: Glasses style case for protective storage
    • Weight: 80g
    • Warranty: One year.